Camden NJ set list


Just bought tickets to my first Linkin Park concert. Kinda strange it’s my first since I’ve been a fan since Oct 24 2000. Anyway I’m going to the Camden show August 17th and I thought I’d give a set list of songs Id like to hear and get others opinions and their set list.

  1. Well I’d like to hear any song from their new album living things
  2. A Thousand Suns - blackout, catalyst and the messenger
  3. M2M- what I’ve done, no more sorrow, given up and bleed it out
  4. Meteora my favorite - lying from you, somewhere I belong and hell any song from this album
  5. Hybrid theory - papercut, crawling, in the end, a place for my head (I’ll sneak into the pit for that one) and runaway