Can anyone catch me up with the lpu site?


Hello member from LPU 1 TO LPU 3.0 I believe, i left due to lack of interest, but i never stopped being a fan.,
So, is the linkin park forum merged with lpu? what i mean its that lpu used to have its own forum.and i dont see that i’m lost and confused.
got an online membership by purchasing one more light…which i’m slowly growing into. Chester comments from kerrang radio kinda were a stab in the back cause i’m one of those old fans you could say…but its all good…

thank you so much and have a good day.


The general Linkin Park forum and the LPU forum were merged in late 2014. During this year of LPU, the LPU exclusive sections were opened to the public, so there isn’t really a divide between LPU and LP forums anymore.

The forum was removed in 2010, so everything up to that point was lost, but it was added back a year late, so while we have everything from 2011, it wouldn’t be anything you had seen in the past