Can I Bring A Guitar To M&G?


I have a guitar that I would like to have signed. I’m going to three M&G this winter tour. Will the venue allow me in with a guitar? I guess I have to hold it on me during the concert too. I have GA tickets.


You can take a guitar to the m&g. But you will have to carry it during all the time…


thank you


There was a guy at the m&g in Oberhausen, germany who had a guitar. The worst thing is that you have to carry it the whole time. thats what lpuhq also tells you in the m&g email


that’s fine. I don’t mind carrying it around. To me, that’s the best thing for them to sign. thanks


I was the guy with the guitar in Oberhausen :smiley:
I could leave it at the wardrobe for 2 euros, so I was “free” at the show!


So the venue didn’t give you a hard time walking in with a guitar? And the people who run the m&g didn’t mind i guess. Glad it worked out for ya.


@Carmine_Bowe No, it was okey and the people didn’t mind at all!