Can I celebrate my birthday by making a thread?


It’s my birthday! I was wondering if I could make a thread about it?


We already have a theard for that

@jFar920. @derek


How do I close this ?


I don’t think you can close your own theard

And by the way happy birthday to you. @LEUNRPHANTOM


Thank you!


You really can’t resist? You could easily asked this question about making a thread about your birthday in the „insert totaly nifty topic here“ but you created once again a new topic for it. Slowly this behaviour appears as provocation…


I want to delete this thread.


I have to agree with @theearlywalker. Please search or ask questions in another thread.


We already told you that you cannot delete threads- they can only be deleted or closed by mods …


Dont relpy in this ever again to delete it.

closed #11