Can someone help me find the Lonely Man


Hey guys, everyone knows the Lonely Man right? The black silhouette of a man walking, looks like his hands are in his pocket. Well I’m looking for a simple image of the lonely man for something I’m working on, but I can not find one, if anyone has an image or knows a site where I can find out, please could you send it or it’s link to me. Thanks



or were you thinking more like this?


Neither, but thanks. In the Meteora album art you’ll see it, it’s just a black silhouette of a man that they used as a graffiti stencil. I think I managed to find a workable image by scanning it from the Meteora album cover but we’ll see once it’s printed out.


This is what you’re looking for:

The original one:

I remembered to see a pic of that man without the title, I mean, like a drawing not a cover single. Let’s Google(?)


Yes that’s the one, I just need a version of it that I can turn into a stencil.


I’ve been looking for a while now with no luck, but Andy (LP13413) has a tattoo of it on his back, ask him maybe?


Hope this does you well. I used this as the basis of my tattoo

I got this as a screenshot from the artwork short film on the Meteora enhanced CD


Ya I wondered where you found your image of him. Your tattoo is awesome :)Thanks


I’ll put up a pic of my little project when it’s completed so you can all see what it is I’ve been up to.


Maybe is late for this but… I found it!!!(?)

Look at this:




haha ya that’s him, but ya I’ve already finished my project, thanks though :slight_smile: you can go to the forum called a Personal LP Project and check what I did.