Can’t find my package


Hello, ive ordered a tshirt from Lp a month ago, and i still havent heard anything about it. I cant track it and they cant see where it is. They told me to call my local post office and they dont know either where it is. Does someone know what i can do? Bc i realy want my merch:frowning:



I’m sorry that happened to u . Only thing i can think of try to contact the linkin park stores and try to email them tell hem what going on my be they can help u . Or it might got lost in the mail . Do u know if it was coming form ups or fed x if one of them have it u can try to contact them also.


Thanks for you help!

Ive mailed them a lot but they dont know where it is, and i dont know either what i sould do. Or where else to contact, and i dont know if its from fedx or ups. Im just hoping that ill get my tshirt one day… not that im waiting for nothing…

Greetings and thank you for your respons!

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Just email them and ask for either a refund or a new package. They won’t charge you again for a lost parcel.