Can you imagine 30 Seconds To Mars & Linkin Park


These are my two of my favorite bands in the world. if they did a song or an album together, no rock band would ever make music again. and then if Jared Leto and Joe Hahn made a music video, that would be awesome.


Well you know, Jared and Chester are known to be "friends"
There are pics on the internet of them together. Also, chester came out in the movie “Artifact” because Jared asked him.

So there is a possibility of a collaboration.


I honestly think they might be working on it and just release it as a surprise at the end of their tour or close to the end. During a performance like when they released ALTNC with Aoki, but that’s just a prediction. So I wouldn’t go with it


I want to see that happen so badly you have no idea!


I would like a song too, even if was a demo or a b-side, but I would love it. I’m so jealous of who are going to the Carnivores Tour


I don’t like 30stm :C