Can you touch your shoulders?


Lol you guys! I am glad you had an awesome time together! :smiley::smiley::tada::confetti_ball::sparkles::gift:

Yep! You can.

Can you touch your shoulders :stuck_out_tongue:





Of c lol

Would you trust any stranger if he/she says that it’s alone and need some help financially


A) I see people like that every day in City Hall and usually just send them to Wellfare department.
I do am a sucker for homeless beggers. I don’t like to carry small change or whatever but if they want a cigarette or my sandwich they can have it.

Q) Last time you pooped?


A: This morning lol

Q: When was the last time you ate a McDonald’s breakfast? Haven’t had that in an extremely long time.


Yeah I’m the type of person to answer :joy::joy::joy:
What was the last bet you made?


Right, McDonald’s boy. :rofl:

A: It was in a game of blackjack

Q: When did you last went to the gym?


Never :joy:

Do you have a sense of adventure?


A: Not really, I remembered my mother said I wasn’t the adventurous type.

Q: How often do you visit Ikea?


Not that often.

Do you like Ikea hotdogs?


(Lol I was waiting for Pat to reply, but she didn’t)

A: They’re alright, nothing special really.

Q: How overpriced are the things in Tesco?


IDK, I haven’t been to a supermarket in ages.

Do you go shopping often?


Sorry had switched off the mobile already this late yesterday :sleeping:

A: actually Giuli and I made the deal that we go there again when the pack of napkins we bought there is out :joy:- she lays the table very propper from up then… so I must confess: very often

A: omg YES :heart_eyes:

Q: do you have turned forward the clock one hour already today if you live in Europe?


A: my phone does it by himself

Q: what do you think about the Marvel’s movies ?


Shameless, hollow, cash grab.

Last film to make you angry?


Lol :laughing::laughing:

I seriously don’t remember…


Transformers AOE

A film that you expected to hate, but really liked instead?


Oh… I really can’t remember
Maybe “A Quiet Place” but I didn’t expect to hate it… just thought it’d be a little boring and it turned out to be pretty good plus it was 13-14:00 and the cinema was empty. That gave quite a cool impression

Last game you were really looking forward to, but it appeared to be bs ?


Like videogame? Secret Agent Clank on the PSP, I expected a solid RAC game, like the others, but this was garbage.

So, you’re on your way to work / school, suddenly a mysterious ray zaps you to a remote jungle (you have no clue where). You don’t know if you will ever be found again or if you will find your way. You only have your bag with you. How many days do you reckon you can survive given the contents of your bag?


Lol :joy:

Not more than 7 days, I guess that’s the time you can resist without water … cause I usually have literally only my waterbottle with me… and that contains only 1/2 l, but…

You made me curious @the_termin8r, what’s in your bag?