Can you touch your shoulders?


Nothing that interesting actually. Books, stationery, a sandwich, water bottle, hand gel, tissues. Unless it’s a Wednesday, then I might have a couple of tools in there too.


Q: What’s the strangest thing you carry with you on a regular basis?


A rock and a letters

Strangest thing you did at school or work


leaving cups in my desk when I’m too lazy or think it’s too late to wash them up :laughing:

What do you do when you have to wait for something?!


A: When outside, I smoke a cigarette and play with my phone while waiting for whatever…

Q: Your favorite activity on hot sunny days?


Lol you mean these days! :joy:
Alright… i generally just want to sit at home… under comfortable conditions and do my work…

What’s the best thing you did this week! :grinning::grinning::heart:


A: There’s this “infamous homeless couple” who’ve been lingering around City Hall for years. Everybody avoided them because they smell really bad. A few months ago they came to me to ask for information about getting a new passport. They came to City Hall today for an appointment for the new passport but something went wrong and their appointment was scheduled for next month. But I made sure they would get helped today anyway.

Q: What’s the worst thing you’ve done this week?


Probably some really offensive jokes. And by “offensive” i mean brutally evil :joy::joy:

What was the last thing you’ve played ?


You lot :joy:

Do you have a conscience?


A: Yes, unlike you I guess.

Q: So yesterday my father joined Amazon Prime for real this time, and to get his Prime benefits I joined his Amazon household. My Amazon account updated to show the prime logo but I don’t see Prime Music appear. So how did you have Amazon Prime Music @the_termin8r?


I don’t use prime music, most of the good stuff is still paid, same with prime video. I hust use Spotify.


Can i get any questions?? :eyes:

Okay I’ll get one…

What is the best Breakfast for ya?


I tend to skip breakfast

Your worst ever exam score?


43 out of 100 my first trigonometry test
( I am not good at math lol)

Your best exam score


Hell if I remember , I don’t care about that once I’ve got my mark

Your worst haircut ever ?


It was done by my father years ago, who was in turn had his hair cut by my grandmother. That’s why I don’t get why @theearlywalker routinely cuts her daughter’s hair, yup @theearlywalker used to get her hair cut by her mother when she was young too.

Any habits you hate about any of your family members?


My dad crunching sunflower seeds when we’re watching a film, it’s so bloody annoying.

A habit you have that annoys people?


Loooool :joy::joy: LMAO, -my mom never cut my hair, I did it myself eversince- and yes… my daughter loves me doing it :stuck_out_tongue:

„Stealing“ biros and pencils :see_no_evil: - really, it’s not on purpose but it happens always :joy:

Last time you felt lost?


Idk, I feel like I’ve lost myself recently.

Last time you got lost?


Hope nothing bad happened to you… :confused: I’m sure you’ll find a new better you… :muscle: :wink:

When I was 3 at Caracas airport… lol my parents were desperate… :joy: :joy: