Can you touch your shoulders?


Nah, I’m just more jaded than usual.


Ok! Stay strong! :muscle: :muscle:


You forget who you’re speaking to :stuck_out_tongue:


Lool :laughing: but I didn’t give you my special sunny hug, so you won’t feel annoyed…hehe :joy: :rofl:


:sunglasses::v: Great bro!

Neeexxxttt quesstionnn!

Do you like cupcakes :laughing:


If they’re not dry, then yes

Do you like muffins?


I hope you are ok. It gets like that sometimes. Sending you strength to deal with it. Plus please feel free to send me an email whenever you want to talk

Yes I like muffins

Do you like Margarine?


I’m fine, also thanks for the offer.


Not so much

Can you light a fire without a “modern” lighter?


My rage is enough to burn cities…:joy:

How often do you answer serious questions with joke answers?


Ok ok… like when i feel like… normal.

What bout you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You guys, I’m serious.

What flavor ice cream should I buy? Salted Caramel or Strawberry Cheesecake?


strawberry cheesecake! i dunno why but i remember a cartoon now which i used to watch a lot! :joy:


I somehow think of that cartoon too whenever I see strawberry cheesecake!

What other foods remind you of cartoons?


doracakes! :joy:


I don’t know those, what are they? lol


doraemon likes doracakes :sweat_smile:


I hope you went with salted caramel


I wanted to get salted caramel but sonehow I ended up with passionfruit mango and whip cream ice cream, which is actually a very nice taste!

So did you ever buy anything by accident? Like, you thought you bought a thing on your shoppinglist but at home you discover it is something else?


I have, but can’t remember what.

Have you ever gone to buy something and then forgot what you were supposed to buy?