Can you touch your shoulders?


sadly, yes.

ever thought you saw someone you know in public but then realize, it wasn’t them?



Ever bumped into an old friend but mistook them for another person?



What’s the funniest case of mistaken identity you’ve experienced?


Well, the perk of being a mixed is; A lot of people always assume they know my ethnic background and will automatically speak in their language to me. It leads to sometimes pretty funny situations.
There’s this one time when I was a kid and I was playing outside in the town where my aunt lives. There was a group of Moroccan kids outside too. They thought I was one of them, started gathering around me and tried to talk to me in their language. But I got scared and started calling for my mother and father. When my white dad and black mother came, the Moroccan children dispersed.

How about you?


I was in Disneyland Paris, sitting on a rock, eating an ice cream and minding my business when I hear some girls yelling someone’s name. At first I thought nothing of it, then maybe 30 secs later they are standing right behind me, still shouting. I decided not to turn around, then maybe 5 secs after that, one of them clamps my shoulder like a vice and wrenches me around and starts shouting something at me in french. It took her a few secs to realise I wasn’t the guy she was after. :joy: :joy: :joy:

Last time you failed in public?


I had a fail at work today, actually. It was 5 minutes before closing time. My co worker was waving these spastic peace signs at me from all the way across the hall and I was doing the same spastic peace signs back. Then this passenger walks in the middle of the hall and he thought I was making the peace signs at him. It was really awkward, haha.

Craziest thing you did this week?


Were they proper peace signs or were they the american ones which are the equivalent of the middle finger here?

Finished my flamethrower :stuck_out_tongue:



Come to think of it they kinda were more like gang signs, which could be mistaken maybe for an insult :sweat_smile:

Went to work in a suit while it was 30 Celsius: That was just insane!

Torched anything with it yet?


Over here:

This = peace

This = :fu:t2: = get f*cked

Not yet. lol


Are you serious? That’s the one we waved today, with two hands!


So you were basically swearing at each other. :joy: If you did that to a brit, they’d either get pissed off or think you’re american (AKA a tool).


Well the passenger seemed offended, we do have a lot of “foreign students” in town lately… Makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s an example of correct usage. :joy:

On a side note, Hot Fuzz is an excellent film, well worth a watch.


Two fingers :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s next question?!

Can you touch your tongue to tip of your nose? :joy: I can’t



Are you hungry?


I can touch my shoulders! IM PROUD OF IT! :joy:

PN: Mike is a T-Rex


That’s not how the game works but your new so I will tell you

First you answer the question being asked

Then you came up with your own question to ask some one

Like this



Do like to get up early


Depends on the day!

Do you like snow?


Yes it’s better then rain lol

Like the hot weather