Can you touch your shoulders?


No…it’s hot here 9 months a year…the rest of the 3 months it’s less hot

Do you have a place you really want to visit?


I really want to go to Italy

You ?


Meteora in Greece. It looks beautiful!

Do you enjoy reading?


I agree it does look beautiful

And yes

Favorite book to read


None, I’m really not one for reading. The least boring book I’ve read is Stormbreaker by Anthonoy Horowitz who happened to be born in my town. My sister has the entire series (she’s a book buff of sorts) that the book is part of, so if the motivation comes to me (which it probably won’t), I could finish the other books too.

Do you have more books or CDs?


More CDs

Do have a luck charm



Do you?


Nope, not into that sort of stuff. My mum got everyone in the family one for xmas a year or so ago, mine’s buried in a cupboard somewhere in my room.

Are you supersticious?



Are you a beliver?


In God? Not particularly, regardless of being Christian.

Are you paranoid?


Paranoia’s all I got left :notes:

No,I’m not

Can you touch the tip of your toes with closed eyes? :thinking:


Meeee toooooo :heart_eyes:

Yea i can :smile:

Your favourite band right now?


Don’t have one



What does that mean?? :hushed:

Mine yes is Linkin Park of course!! :heart:

Last concert you went?


It means I don’t have a current fav band that I’m really into.


Never went to any concert

Question passes .


Saw Papa Roach last year and will see Eminem in less than a month. Excited!

What are you excited for?


No you won’t, I killed him. Remember? :joy:


I’m sorry but you killed one of his clones. He’s got a whole army of Stans who look like him, walk talk and act like him and who might be the next best thing but just not quite him. :rofl:


To have a chance to meet a solider this year

Last adlum you brought