Can you touch your shoulders?


I bring along all sorts of albums with Spotify. Post Traumatic.

Do you like to wear flip -flops?


Not sure if trolling…



Oh damn! :joy::joy::joy: I’d die laughing! :joy::joy:

What’s the next question tho?! :joy:


It was yours :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you swim 800 meters in 15 minutes?



Can you sing a song without lyrics?



Can you speak more then one language


If meme, baby and doggy languages count them yes

Can you say the months backwards?


I think so

Can you bring your big toe to your nose?


Weird but yes

Can you withstand your own fart?


Weird too- and I must confess: sometimes not :joy:



I do, but all the others don’t :joy:
Can you mix cognac and Jaegermeister?


:joy::joy: heyoo bro @NickGr how I missed you :hugs::hugs: and your great jokes :joy:

Ot: Noooo - that sounds like :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: … and :face_with_head_bandage: and :dizzy_face:

Can you drink Vodka or Jagermeister with red bull ??


I don’t drink bull sperm
However, I do drink jaegermeister with adrenaline rush
Strongest alcohol mix you’ve ever had ?


Whiskey Cola- but a looot :crazy_face:



Beer (1,5l), martini (half a bottle), jaegermeister(8-10 shots), cognac ( I don’t remember how much, approximately 1/4 of a bottle)
Have you ever wanted the sun to go down and you to become deaf ?


:thinking: Not really … and that sounds like intoxication to me :astonished:

Sorry to repeat, but …


Remember me writing to @the_termin8r on the morning of 25th? I’ve asked him to shoot the sun down
So yeah, I had that lol
Your favorite type of shoes ?


Looool yeah- and this was exactly „the day after“ lol- you had to pay the bill :joy: but I had pity with you that day :hugs:

My favorite type atm are sandals :sandal:

Can you imagine to wax or shave your legs regularly?