Can you touch your shoulders?


Never. I loathe naps

A weird habit you have?


I am fully weird :joy: … jk lol I don’t know … i am having nothing in mind rn :thinking:

So question passes to someone else ig


Talking to myself out loud with sentences mixed of English and Russian

Do you study/work in one office or have to go around the city/country?


Most of it is done in my bedroom unless a friend wants to study on campus.

A fact about you that people are always surprised to find out?


That I can sing and make music (Maybe because I am an engineering student and quite reserved)

Creepiest experience you ever had?


Ah! A fellow. What discipline?


Mechanical Engineering


Nice, Electrical & Electronic over here. What year are you in?


Still in the first. We start the year in February though


Feb? First time I’m hearing of that. Started my 3rd year last week. I trust you’ve noticed this already, but uni is not what it’s hyped up to be, especially engineering. :joy:


Yeah, I live in South Africa and we start school years in Jan and end in December.

Dude, tell me about it :joy:


That makes the most sense. We start Sep and end in Jul (at least in schools), my uni is Sep to May.

The best bit of advice I can give you is to make yourself known. Get to know your lab techs, become friends with them, get to know your lecturers on a personal level, get stuck into as many extracurricular (but course relevant) projects as possible, join the engineering society if your uni has societies. Grades are good and all, but employers actually look more for what other projects you’ve done and how competent you are, because that tells them what you’d be like to work with more than any grade. And of course, get some personal projects going as well.


Thanks for the advice! I did join a society called Engineers without Borders, but I haven’t had much time to join in their activities. Definitely going to change that next year. Man I have lots of plans, including trying to start a band (dont know if I’ll have time for that). Sometimes I feel overwhelmed


No worries.


Join the club. I’ve shot myself in the foot this year, before the year has even started properly. I somehow managed to make it into our engineering society’s committee this year. I’ve got a very big and very important solo project to do (dissertation), 3 mini projects / assignments for other modules, I’m heading an autonomous car project for our society, helping with a load of other society projects, finishing the tesla coil I was working on last year with some friends and a lecturer, studying for exams and perhaps working on personal projects if I ever get the time.


Wow, thats a lot :joy:
You have a lot of interesting projects going on.
Mostly maths and physics here for me :joy:
Oh and a steam car project
Well goodnight. I gotta get some sleep


Most of my course is theory too, very little in the way of proper practical projects. The society compensates for it, we have some mad things coming up (rockets, robots and the sort).

That sounds awesome.

I’ll be heading off in a bit too. Have a good one. :slight_smile:


What’s the next qs?




Sorry. I don’t remember

The most horrifying movie you ever seen


Probably Aliens, watched it when I was 8, scared me, but I kept watching because it’s such a damn good film. Haven’t been scared of films since.

Funniest film you’ve seen?