Can you touch your shoulders?


I’ve watched a bunch of weird ass Indonesian movies. They are funny because of the bad acting and the bad story telling.

Is there a new tv show you’re into?


Been watching the US version of Shameless on Netflix and I love it.

Most embarrassing moment?


A: Having my pants rip in two during a dance party…

Q: What place would You like tot visit?


Scotland…to see Nessie

Do you keep farts in jars?


A: Uhm, I have peanut butter in a jar… ?

Q: Do You have peanut butter in a jar?


No, never bough PB before

Weirdest thing you have a jar of?


Squishy ball thingies

Having a good HT day?


Are those squishy ball thingies your enemies’ eyeballs? :thinking:

It’s been interesting to say the least lol

Can you say the alphabet backwards?


Nope but I can say the months backwards

And no, they are my squishies and mine alone

Do you know…the muffin man?


You mean the muffin man who lives at Drury lange?


Bad gaspy!!!

Her answer was: yes

Her question: is memememememe awesome


Well… I mean :3

Can you name all the planets?


Lp40c: A, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, Saturn :sunglasses:


Meme: awww! You are awesome!


Lp40c: Thanks :3

Can you go a day without talking?



Can You go a Day without gummies?



How long can you go without eating anything?


8 hours (basically while I sleep)

How long can you concentrate on something without losing focus?


Depends on what it is, if it’s a book I’d give it 3 lines, if it’s something hands-on, I’d usually get so engrossed that I neglect food, water and even sleep sometimes.

How emotionally sensitive are you?


I am very emotional so I would say very

How long can you hold your breath