Can you touch your shoulders?


Til I collaps

How long can You hold in to pee?


If I am not thinking about it then a while

Are you dumber than a fifth grader


I don’t think Trump is here tot awser this question?

So… Are You four cents short of a nickel?


Lol :joy: maybe

Can you kick yourselve ass?


Yupp! Some days I need a good kick in the ass and one one else is around lol :joy:

Can you scratch your ear with your foot like a dog?


No- but I tried hardly :joy:



Might be able to :joy: feel like my foot/leg would get stuck somehow and I’d have a great conversation with the ER :rofl::rofl:

Should you though a pizza like a frisbee?


:joy::joy: can you make a vid from this?

If it’s frozen ofc :joy:

Will you go and trick’n treat tonight?


No, I’ve got a monthly report to fill out, and then I have to do a meeting summary and a ‘dedication check’ as I call it.



Nope, enjoying my free evening since my daughter is out for it :laughing:

What is the weirdest food combination you ever ate?


No proud of it but when I was younger (maybe 10?) I had a cold hotdog, with peanut butter on it and wrapped in ham… :confounded: :skull_and_crossbones:



Mhh , lemme think :thinking:… it was that night when I woke up and had just appetit for cookies- went to the kitchen were the leftovers from the pizza where peaceful laying in their box - I ended up having cookies with pizza and milk :nauseated_face:-

What was the farest journey you’ve been through?


In one stint? 6h in a car from London to somewhere in Europe (can’t remeber if it was France or Germany). Otherwise flying from Bulgaria to the UK with a plane change in Switzerland.

Longest distance you’ve walked in a day?


Oh- when I was on a class- ride with the kids - 13 km



23 km with my girlfriend the other day – all of the city center

Have you got any exams to pass rn?


How about the exam of LIFE?

When standing up right, are You able to bend and touch your toes with your fingers?


Easy. I’m flexirous enough
Any interesting language to study ?



Anything to look forward to this weekend?


We are having a halloween party at my place yay! lol

If a unicorn and a honey badger were to fight, who you got?


Honey badger, easily.

How long do you reckon you would last in a fist fight against a honey badger?