Can you touch your shoulders?


.02 seconds he’d tear me apart instantly haha

What would make a better hockey puck, a cheeseburger or doughnut?


A week-old, bogo standard, glazed Krispy Kreme

How long would it take you to stomp out 60 trillion slugs? (please give an accurate answer :stuck_out_tongue: ).


Well considering I wear size 14 shoes… let’s see… that’d be roughly 400 slugs per stomp, if i can do 20 stomps a minute thats 8000 slugs a minute soooo 60 trillion divided by 8000… carry the one… about 7.5 billion minutes would equal 1.42 years (thanks google for helping my with the last equation lol)

Fight to the death Deadpool or Batman?


400 per stomp? What kind of slugs are you talking about? I wear UK 11s and I give it about a dozen per stomp. When I calculated it with a friend, we got 570K years. :joy:


oh still in eggs lol show no mercy :rofl::rofl:


Isn’t Deadpool immortal? Batman, plus, he won’t kill me.

Have you muted any of your own threads?


No, just closed 4 of them, I guess.

Can you memorize 15 different telephone numbers?



worst movie you’ve seen?