[CANCELED] Manchester, UK 2017


Who’s going? Anyone had the chance to meet the band before? How many times have you seen them?

Linkin Park in Manchester, on the 7th July 2017
Linkin Park in Manchester, on the 7th July 2017

oh I completely wish I could meet them in person, but if you are going I hope that you have fun ok.


Yup - going to Manc 2017; can’t wait. Got to meet them a long time ago, back at Projekt Rev @ MK Bowl. Still have my signed Minutes to Midnight CD. M&Gs are a bit weird because you don’t really have enough time to take it in. Still, I’ll be entering the lottery if they do one for Manc this time round… !


I met the band back in 2001 on a lpunderground event that was the last time :grin: :smiley:


Anyone heard about a reopening date yet for Manchester Arena?


I’m guessing it will be cancelled. There was a 3 day event at the end of this month at the Manchester Arena and that has been cancelled. And because the concert is a week after this cancelled event, my guesses are that this too will be cancelled :frowning:


http://www.manchester-arena.com/your-visit/news/article/important-information-on-upcoming-events/6007/ Updates are on this page. Currently events up until the 17th June are cancelled but no further events have been given the go-ahead. There is still a month to go so lets hope…


I really hope it’s not :slightly_frowning_face:


Blink 182 are playing the week after LP in Manchester. They should team up (Blinkin Park again) and fill the etihad!!!


Not buying Manc tickets until we know whats going on with the arena. Blinkin Park would be cool to go see!


If this is cancelled, it would be cool if the band did an LPU event somewhere in the midlands.


I’ve just seen an article saying Manchester Arena will be closed until at least September. :cry: No news on what LP will do yet tho. Hopefully they will be able to either reschedule or move it elsewhere?


hopefully to manchester apollo


Manchester Arena definitely closed until September; the first gig currently to go ahead is currently John Legend. Blink - 182 in Manchester is cancelled :disappointed: No news from team LP yet as to what they’re going to do. Will be gutted if completely cancelled. Hoping they will reschedule to later in the year, otherwise might need to look to a move to Liverpool Arena or Birmingham or Nottingham. Apollo will be too small (assuming a sold out Arena gig) as capacity is less than half that of the Arena, especially if they want to accommodate standing and seating. I was due at the Arena on Saturday and that has been moved to the Apollo, but they’ve had to put on a matinee and evening performance and even with the two shows I understand not everyone who had tickets for the Arena managed to get tickets for the rescheduled gigs.


I have Manchester tickets too! Hope they find a different venue and do not cancel!


Yeah same here hoping will do the same as Radiohead, if moves to appollo very small venue in comparison


Yeah I had an email off Blink yesterday saying it was cancelled. If blink can’t find an alternative I can see them cancelling altogether cause Travis has to get a boat across when he comes over so I don’t think they’d reschedule for a later date. I’m hoping cause we haven’t heard anything from Linkin Park yet that they’re trying to find somewhere else? I’ll be absolutely gutted if they just cancel. I can’t see them just cancelling though. I’m sure they’ll do everything they can to find somewhere else or reschedule. I have faith in LP.



I got to meet & greet Linkin Park twice. The first time was at the Download festival, at Donington Park, in June 2014, and the second time was at the MEN Arena, in November 2014. Got my LP Download poster signed, at the download festival, and also my Hunting party vinyl signed, in Manchester, It’s an amazing feeling to meet them, but to be honest, time goes so fast.

I should be in Manchester, too, on the 7th of July, and I have signed up for the Meet & Greet again. So far, I’m not sure if this concert will be cancelled and postponed. Just read on the Manchester Arena website, that the Arena remains closed until September. Some concerts due in June, July and August have already been cancelled, as far as I know. So I sent an email to the Arena, to make sure of what is going on.

If you get to meet & greet Linkin Park, just appreciate & enjoy the moment !

Have a Rocking day, dear fellow Soldier! :slight_smile:

Michelle \m/


For those of you heading off to Manchester, the show has been canceled, and they couldn’t get another venue. It’s on their website


:cry: devastated