Cannot Enter Contest



I was wondering if anyone could help me as I received no reply from the Facebook post comment I made at the beginning of April.

The Monthly contest for April Giveaway, I click to enter and it gives me this error:

“Sorry, you are not in an appropriate tier to enter this contest”

What kind of bull-crap is that? Just because I can’t afford to pay a ridiculous amount of money for something other than an online tier I lose out on things?

So does anyone know if because i’m not “good enough” or “rich enough” do I lose out on anything else, like for example will I get shafted for Pre-sales or meet and greets because I’m not the ‘appropriate tier’

Any ideas or experiences?


You need to be a LPU member to enter the monthly giveaways, aka a paid member.


I am a LPU member, I paid for an online membership - that’s what’s frustrating me.


I bought the CD Pre-ORDER bundle in the bottom right

And it states that it comes with an LPU membership so wtf?


you should contact HQ:


Thank-you! I’ve been looking for an email address to contact someone. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


You need to redeem your code if you haven’t already. If you have and the membership hasn’t been activated then contact HQ.


Ya I think that’s what it was, I never received an activation code. All fixed now though, thanks guys for your help <3! I wouldn’t have known how to find the email address for HQ to get it all sorted out! :slight_smile:


Glad everything is good.


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