Cannot find my purchased music



I’ve bought a lot of old LPU albums(I still have got recipts in my inbox) when whole platform was managed by wonderful union. After shift to Fullscreen direct I cannot find them anywhere on my profile. Is there any posibility to recover my old purchuases from WU?


I’m not sure how you would to that but didn’t you ever DL them to your computer?


I’ve got them on my computer and smartphone, but in case of lost I was able to download them again from website(I really liked this possibility)


You could always use a cloud service like dropbox of google drive or whatever else.


Yeah, I am familiar with this possibility too :slight_smile: Still I am wonder is it possible to put them to my profile here too. If it isn’t possible than fine, I will live w/o it, but if it is then I want them back :wink:


There isn’t any way to redownload stuff you purchased on the old platform to my knowledge, but if you email support they might be able to do something about it


:frowning: You mean which support: LPU, Wonder Union or Fullscreen direct?


LPU. But now that I think about it there might be a way to still download them, I’ll check in a bit

Edit: What I tried didn’t work, so I’d see what LPUHQ says. I’m not really even sure if the new platform saves purchases made on it


Thanks a lot for your effort :slight_smile: I will chat with LPU then and post results here.