Can't access LPU content after subscribing


Hi I joined LPU on 8/20/17 , i can show the apple app store receipt of $10.0 but i still can’t access LPU content, did i do something wrong or is there something wrong with the system?


@derek or @jFar920 can help you.


Thank you!! I dont know if it has to do with the fact that my Apple email is different from my LP general account. @derek @jFar920 Please let me know what information you need from me to fix this.
I sent email to twice but haven’t heard anything, it’s been a month almost.


Try contacting lpuhq1 on here,
Type the @ symbol and then lpuhq1, they are responding very rapidly
Perhaps you paid for the subscription but have not fully made the account? Hq or Jordan or Derek will give you more info


wow Thank you , realy appreciate your help :slight_smile: the payment did go through i can show email receipts and all


Hey guys - Please know that the LPU pre-sale for the Oct 27th event is now
closed. If you’re having issues with payment please contact


By the sounds of it, you joined using the Linkin Park app, and I’m not quite sure how that exactly works

@lpuhq1, what? Doesn’t it not start for like 9 more hours? And that doesn’t relate to this topic