Can't Edit Old Posts Anymore?


Not much to say more than that. Just seems like that should not be the case for the forums. I went back to try to edit the main post of the topic I started and was unable to, so I checked a bunch of other old posts and cannot either. I have a few topics about chat and forum help and as things change on the site, that might make the topics unusable if I can’t add or change the content on them


Yeah, it still would be nice to change that one thread into the official nekked Mmm Shinoda thread. Either that, or I’d just have to start a new thread… Which I personally don’t see as a big problem :stuck_out_tongue:


Just like deleting comments. They never go away. I hope they’ll do something about this and make the posts editable again. The forums are already flooding with similar and/or same threads and stuff…

EDIT: @TripleXero Apparently members with the leader badge are the only ones who can edit main posts.


I can still edit all the posts I made on here, main or not


@TripleXero Ok, so you can edit posts made recently but not the old ones? So confusing…


I am just happy to see that @TripleXero is alive and kicking :stuck_out_tongue:


@amitrish I will never die

@EvoOba I’m not even sure. It is confusing