Can't find Live In Clarkston (08-22-2007). Help!


Hey, people!
Need you help! I try to find Live In Clarkston (08-22-2007) CD or DVD. But can’t find!

I really need it! Anyone know something?!!


I was actually able to find one here at our local record store. They mostly carry classic vinyls and old albums, but they have quite a few bootlegs in stock. Obviously, the full show’s available on YouTube, but occasionally, a DVD might circulate online somewhere. It isn’t always an easy find.


Thank you! I know that this video was in myspace online. But no one has quality better than 160 kb/s for sound. I need CD-quality. But when I find that youtube HD quality video I started think that DVD or something like must exists. And I can’t find DVD(
Sorry for my English, I’m from Russia!