Can't log on yet


This site sucks. I can’t do anything but log on. Not on my phone or computer. . Clearly noone cares to help me. I pay my dues every year and have been begging for help for over a month.


@jFar920 or @derek can you help him?


Did u try to contact the linkin park customer service email them and tell them what going on and maybe they can help u . With this.


What exactly are you trying to do?


Pretty sure I tried every single email address I could get my hands on. Can you or anyone provide me with that email address again? Or at this point any phone number or person that can help me? I really want the fidget spinner nad to recover my friends list and order histoty.


Based on you being unable to do anything but log in, and going by your blog post saying you had to pay $10 to access everything, you didn’t have an active membership at the time. I don’t know if you should have or not, but that was the problem.

Responding to your other blog while I’m at it, the profiles no longer have friends lists, as the platform the site runs on changed about a year or so ago.

If you still want/need to contact support of some kind regarding the main site, you can fill out a form at


Perfect! Thank you. I do know that I was a member because I paid my $40 fee and got all the LPU 16 Swag that comes with it. but my account didn’t show active. So do we not even have friends lists anymore? Or order history?


Unfortunately, we don’t have either of those. The lack of an order history really does suck though, because it could solve a lot of these issues that pop up. The best bet to prove you paid is to check your email for the receipt, if you still have it


Thank you! So did we also lose the ability to send messages to other members with an LPU email? Am I correct in saying that all we really can do anymore is post and respond to forums? I feel like why bother if it became so impersonal.


We lost the LPU email addresses way back in 2010. As cool as it was to have, I remember my inbox being filled with spam. We have the forum and the blog, as well as the Linkin Park app. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a single location that’s best for messaging others on the website