Can't redeem LPU coupon


I recently purchased the new album together with a new LPU digital membership. However when I try to redeem the code in the checkout section my browswer gives me the following popup: "Coupons can only be used for purchased made in USD".

In other words it doesn’t allow me to redeem the code and get my new membership. I’d love to get in before April 3rd when the presale for a concert here in The Netherlands starts. So if anyone could help me that would be great. I already have a ticket at the customer support fullscreen direct (apparently the company that manages these sort of things for LP), but they haven’t been able to helpe me yet.


This seems like it might be a common issue now, as someone else had the same problem. I don’t know if they got it solved, though. Your best bet aside from contacting Fullscreen Direct is to contact LPU support directly at LPUHQ@LPUNDERGROUND.COM


I guess its worth a shot. I’m just really annoyed because I want to have acces to the pre sale next monday. So now I have less than a week to solve this. And if they don’t reply, I’ll be forced to buy a seperate membership.


The problem seems to have resolved itself. I tried the code again this time and it did work. Kind of relieved to be honest :slight_smile:

I do have one more question though regarding the presale itself (don’t know if anyone can answer this here but I’ll try). Can you only pay with credit card/paypal, or will I have payment options available exclusive to my region only. For instance here in the Netherlands a lot of people use this banking service called iDeal, which is what I usually use. But I have to pay with credit card I’ll have to ask someone else.


I think with presales (this was how mine was a few years ago, at least) you get an early access code for a ticket retailer outside of the Linkin Park website, do it probably depends on the website


Alright cool, thanks. I guess I’ll find out on the 3rd.