Ok guys, LPU Summit is on November 7th, 2012. We all know that the prices are going to be pretty steep, as far as airfare and hotel. Now, I think if we can get people banded together and chip in money, we can all benefit from it, such as sharing a hotel and and for food, ya know basic necessities. This would be my first Time going, if I can, and I would really just want to go meet LP, and I don’t even care about sharing a room with people, as long as they’re not maniacs ya know? But you get what I mean. If anyone is willing to discuss more about setting up the trip, lets talk.



I like the idea Kris. Let’s see who gets those tickets…


I like the idea Kris. But Im afraid we do live in South Africa though! :frowning: And crime and things are a reality… Rather go with people you know, than strangers!


I’m going with one other friend, me from California and Rick from New York! D8 So if anyone could adopt us for our barely-24-hours there, that’d be Mike Shinodaly awesome~! :B


Hey guys… PLEASE remember to join the LP SUMMIT FACEBOOK GROUP if you got summit tickets.

We want to get a head count want want to arrange a fan walk and make a flag to give to LP

Please join if you got tickets: