Card Declined. What i have to do?


i’m trying to subscribe at LPU Digital Membership but when i try to buy it, "you card has been declined."
Ill write all correctly, so i don’t know why they declined it.

Can you please help me?


Have you checked if your card is acceptable for starters? If yes, are you sure it has the right amount of money you need to make the purchase?
If the problem continues, email support and they’ll give you further assistance.


What does it mean if is acceptable for starters? Is a Mastercard, so i think is a yes (?)
Ill have more than 250E, then yes.
Which is the support mail?


Ok then, it could be a glitch or something cause LPU 16 is launching soon. Email the HQ here, they will be able to help you.


HI Im from Peru and i have the same problem . My card has another type of coin , is not in dollars . Could that be the problem?


Hola, tengo un problema con la membresía, podrías ayudarme?