Carnivores - Last Show on 9/19/14


I saw the last show of the Carnivores tour as a birthday present and I’m so glad I did. All the sets were incredible and had a great vibe. I somehow met Jared Leto: the Jesus of Suburbia (Sorry St. Jimmy) and that just brought it over the top. But I didn’t want to just talk about my Carnivores experience; tell me about yours! Was it sick and amazing or did you wish you saw some songs that the bands didn’t play. Did you meet any new friends? Put some video up and let’s get a huge discussion going!


This is the only video I captured from the Darien Lake show

I was at the Summit earlier in the day, and was able to win side-stage viewing of the first five songs in LP’s set

The audio doesn’t quite do this any justice


Insane video for one of my favorite live songs but yeah… the audio hurt my ears a little :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: