Carnivores/Tinley Park


I realize there might not be a clear answer on this but I was just wondering if anyone knew how this would work. Both bands are having meet and greets with early entry. So will they do their M&G’s at the same time and then everyone lines up and its Echelon VS. Soldiers to make the mad dash to the front in the pit? Or will each have equal oppurtunity to have access to the front? It seems to me that the entire pit is going to be made up of early entry. Plus the people with the laminates that aren’t in the M&G’s, would be allowed entry before the people that paid extra for the M&G? Just so confused on how this is going to work. I hope it is well planned and there isn’t a huge pushing event in the pit. My main concern is because I am only 5ft tall and am afraid I will get trampled.
Also it says doors at 3pm but how will that work will all the events going on at the same time? Sorry if I am asking too many questions!
Thanks to anyone who can shed some light for me!