Carpool karaoke? Linkin Park



I love Chester :cry:


we all do @rinisundoyo we all do :heart::heart::heart:


Mike had no words…his expression said it all!!! :laughing: Chester always had a special and unique way about him. He could sing PB N’ Jellyfish or 26 Lettaz in Da Alphabet with soul and spirit! He just loved making Mike laugh in his unassuming way. :heart:️ I loved that about Chester.


Chester was always so funny. Watching the LPU videos always made me laugh. I still can’t believe he’s gone, it can’t be true. I can’t stop crying.


@jennifer119 Aw I know it’s surreal. I still can’t believe it too. But we have to remember the beautiful funny moments of Chester. Celebrate his life together. The band and the Bennington family need our love and support to lift them up. :heart:


I agree. I can’t even imagine what his family and bandmates are going through if its this hard on the fans.


Me too. :’( I’m really upset he is gone. For the longest time I wanted to believe it was a false rumor. It seems like only yesterday my sister and I met the band and I finally got to hug him. I’ll miss his smile, his voice, his sense of humor, his positive energy, and everything great about him.


This made me smile. His personality was second to none, and I wish I could’ve met him :frowning: