Carpool Karaoke


Hey everyone, so I just watched LP carpool karaoke. It was definitely hard to watch but I’m glad I did. Chester will always remain in our hearts❤
If you’ve seen it, please leave your comments below. let me know how you feel about it, I’d like to hear everyone’s feedback.


I was lying on my bed and I didn’t want to get up until I saw the video. It helped me get up and start doing what I should do. I began to sing with Chester and laugh with them. For me it was a great video.


I’m grateful they shared it with us. It was really funny and yet sad at the same time. But I want to remember Chester as his silly self so it was a heart warming episode for me. I cried when it finish for sure. I will forever miss him :heart:


Loving and hating it at the same time, I want more!!! So great to see them laughing and having fun. A couple highlights for me; I love how Chester is the only one dancing with his hands and he’s driving the car! The woman on the bus knew who Ken was, but probably had no clue who Mike, Chester, and Joe were, lol. I’m going to watch it on a loop until I get sick of it…which may never happen. :disappointed_relieved:#fuckdepression #RIPChester


It was hard to watch, but I’m glad I did it… was sad and funny at the same time…they seemed to enjoy it and Chester was so great while singing…what a beautiful soul… :heart: :pensive: I miss him so much… :heart: he left many nice memories to us…:heart: :heart: :heart:


Oh that contagious laugh of his! :heart:

Too funny video, it’s impossible to cry watching this, you need to laugh with him! This is how we need to remember him, happy and singing his throat out, having fun with the other guys! :slight_smile: :heart: :metal: And laugh and sing with him :slight_smile: :metal::metal::metal::metal:

Remember family, he would not want us to cry :heart: :hugs:


Awwww…so nice of you to say this… :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


I just watched it. Not really feeling much right now. Just sang along with numb at the end but felt…just…nothing. I’m tired and need to sleep :zzz:


I just watched one half the episode and I’m so done. Made a pause to pick all of the parts of my broken heart together. I will never forgive myself for not meeting Linkin Park before. I expected to be ready enough to watch this but I’m not. I wish I could turn back time…


I just cried during the video. Then I started to make memes and laughed a lot :joy::joy::joy:



I’m loving these memes :joy:


Omg i seen it today on my break at work it was so funny to see them having a good time. And chester was so funny . I’m gald that they air it. I love it so much. Mike ,joe was injoy there self . Missing chester voice and seeing his wonderful smile


We have to thank his family and Linkin Park for let us to see this awesome video. As I said it made my day… I can’t stop laughing with Mike and I can’t stop feeling sad because C is gone… but this is life, happiness and sadness at the same time… we will always miss him :purple_heart::purple_heart:


I was in two minds whether to watch it or not, but I am glad that I did. All I could do was laugh. They had so much fun doing it. Did make me wonder if Chester would have sang along to their own songs in his own car. :rofl: I would love to thank LP and the family for sharing this happy memories with us. I will be watching it over and over again.


That was so much fun, I’m glad they released it


I know Linkin Park never reads our posts here, but I just want to say thank you to the Bennington family and Linkin Park for sharing this precious video. I will always remember the crazy happy moments of Chester. He had a personality that lit up the room. I also love the warm camaraderie the guys had with one another. In my opinion, how they openly display their love towards one another is clearly beyond rare for a band of their longevity and stature to possess. They exude such warmth and a humility that’s genuine.
Although I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this video, it would’ve been super awesome if Rob, Phoenix, and Brad were also in it. I understand though, they all probably would’ve if it were a stretch limo or a bus :bus:!
Mike on the other hand was SUCH a trooper throughout the whole episode. It was hilarious to watch him lose it a couple of times. Heh! I laughed out loud at his Kodak moment expressions and Chester’s stealth ghostie driving skills…look no hands! Hats off to Mr. Jeong, I always believed LP shoulda had back up dancers or their very own dance choreography as they sang their songs! :joy::rofl::laughing: Hotdog and ketchup maybe? Pretty spiffy moves. Mike will need to put in extra hours of practice! Lol…he’s gotta flow and let go! Jk

I’d like to say thank you again from the bottom of my heart to Linkin Park and the Bennington family. As difficult as it was for all of you to personally watch this video of Chester, I am grateful that you allowed us to cherish the beautiful person he was. This video celebrates the life and legacy of Chester Bennington. Much aloha :two_hearts:to all of you!


So nicely written susie :heart:


Seems so happy…hard to believe what happened 6 days later…


Thank you :hugs: