Castle of glass live at the vga's!


what did everyone think of the performance?

i personally absolutely loved it. it might be my new favorite live song to date. i was super surprised that they got all the harmonies in the last chorus and that whoever sang the seventh there was singing it loud and clear :’]

this is a must see live song for me. i neeeeeed it.


Awesome performance, LP sounded great. I like Castle of Glass even more now seeing it performed live. The set back drop was pretty cool too.


It was amazing!


Great work LP! Loved the performance!


I loved CASTLE OF GLASS already by my first listening of the new album. It’s my favourite LP song. At least at the moment. It changes all the time :wink:

I didn’t see the live performance but watched on youtube. Beside the lovely song itself, I was impressed about that… I don’t know… about that harmony. Goosepimples time!


I will wait to see/watch until my first concert in LIVING THINGS Tour circle, doesn´t here any song from LIVING THINGS live yet.


It was great. I loved the fact that Chester let Mike go solo for like the first time ever (cause he tends to sing over him all the fucking time) and the gang vocals at the end were pretty cool :slight_smile:


It was awesome !!! They rocked it and I loved it [smile]


Hello guys
for those who did not see
this here’s the video presentation in HD

Linkin Park - Castle of Glass - Live in Video Game Awards HD


Love it!! Was my instant fave when first listening to the album :slight_smile:


Watching this, I confirm my thoughts, this song is too short.


It was a great performance and an AWESOME song to hear live!

This is the best version I found so far:


I was in the very front and hearing this song live was just perfect. Everything was well balanced but I couldn’t really hear Chester too much. The set up was insane, had a great time! And Samuel L Jackson is the shit!!! Hahha


I also loved it, It was really awesome, I wish I’ll be able to see it live one day.


Very nice performance. Better than the one of the AMAs.
I like when the band sing along.


it was a sweet performance


ohhh lucky! totally jealous of you right now lol. yeah the mixing was a little off for those of us watching on tv/online, too, but mainly in the beginning of the song. near the end everything sounded perfect, though. Sam Jackson is the shit haha. he’s such a badass.


It was perfect …
I wish they had played on the show in Brazil … * - *


Can’t wait to hear it live myself! It was amazing! And I am hooked on the lyrics, which I am gonna add to my design for an LP tattoo!



The HD video doesn’t work :confused: Do you know any other source? I must see it in high definition!

Yes, it was many times better than AMAs!!!