Celebrate Life Tee/Hoodie



I wanted to know if anyone knows when the Celebrate life tee will be shipped? I ordered on September 20th but it has not shipped yet. But it says in the description that orders containing this item will ship within 10 business days from the order date.
Is something wrong with my order?

I hope someone can help. Thank you!!


I order the jacket and am in the same boat. I emailed the store two weeks ago. They said items were hot off the press and would ship once they got to the warehouse. They said I would hopefully get an shipping confirmation email last week but I still haven’t received anything either. I’m hoping they ship this week.


Im glad im not the only one! A friend of mine contacted the store yesterday and they told her that the release date for the Tee and Hoodie is on October 9th. But it didn’t make any sense to me cause that’s not what it says in the description so I decided to open up a thread.
Once you hear anything please post it! Thank you!!


The lady never said anything about a release date and it doesn’t on the site. I guess that gives them time to make more and not have to struggle fulfilling orders. I am also happy to see I’m not the only one :blush: I’ve kind of been hoping someone would post something so I’m happy you did. Happy I’m not alone :blush: I think you have more info that I have lol.


Did you get a tracking number because u can use it to track your order and see where it at


Yes exactly! I actually contacted the store myself today and I just got an answer saying that the release date is October 12th. Yesterday it was the 9th for my friend and now its the 12th? Kinda seems odd but I guess we can only wait and see. I’m just hoping they are not going to delay it any further cause its just frustrating. I bet if you would ask them it’s gonna be October 15th lol smh
Fingers crossed for the both of us!:crossed_fingers: :blush:


No I did not since they didnt even ship it yet :confused:


I ordered a handful of things back on August 28th, and they didn’t send a shipping confirmation until September 26th. I’m sure Chester’s passing caused a ton of people to want to pick up merchandise for the band and created a backlog that slowed everything down. Hopefully everyone gets their stuff as soon as possible, and you are still welcome to contact the store’s support at https://store.linkinpark.com/pages/contact-us, but just know the slowdown isn’t specific to your orders and is happening to everyone.

Unless for some reason you don’t receive a response, please don’t contact LPU support about concerns with purchases from the normal Linkin Park store


Just wish they had made it clear at the time of purchase (20/9) that it was a ‘pre - sale’ for the celebrate life tee/hoodie and the items wouldn’t ship until mid October! My items are shipping to Australia and New Zealand, I would of selected different postage options :confused:
Fingers crossed they make it before the 27th!!


Hi! I just wanted to share with you all that I just got my shipping confirmation. Finally yaaaay!!!
Hoping you got it as well! If not then you’ll definitely receive it very soon!:blush:


That’s great news!!! Still nothing for me yet but I know it should be soon if you got your confirmation! Thank you!!


My hoodie came today. Sooooo excited to wear it with pride and celebrate life honoring Chester!!! Thank you again. Love love love it. :sunglasses::metal:


Yaaaaaayyy!!! Welcome to the Club! :tada:
My shirt arrived 2 days ago and I was very surprised by it …its gorgeous and the print is high quality! I absolutely love it!!:heart:


I finally got confirmation on shipping for my hoodie yesterday. Can’t wait!!! :heart:


Yaay finally!! :blush: Let us know when you get ur masterpiece :blush:


I have ordered my t shirt to honor Chester and i also got a hoodie .


It sucks they didn’t do a woman’s tee for the celebrate shirt :pensive: I’ve always hated their unisex shirts :pensive:


Yeees it does!!:pensive: But they’re actually not too bad in my opinion. At least you are able to move around comfortably :blush:


Well that’s an improvement! The collar always got me lol I’m happy it’s comfortable though :blush:


I know what you mean! I’ve had shirts like that before as well. And because of that I kinda stopped wearing them :flushed: But this one is awesome :ok_hand::blush: