Celebrity meet and greets


Whilst we all know everyone here would love to meet LP, I was wondering whether anyone has ever met anyone else famous? Post your pictures here with a brief description of who you’re posed with.


Me and Corey Taylor from Slipknot/Stone Sour


Me and WWE legend Brett “Hitman” Hart


Me and Dez Fafara from Coal Chamber/Devildriver


Me and Chad Gray from Mudvayne/Hellyeah


Me and my wife with Staind


Me and Jamey Jasta from Hatebreed


me talking to katrina law from arrow and Spartacus


Does my reflection count?


That is brilliant! :smile:


But if you were looking for a serious reply, I haven’t met with anyone. I still haven’t even been to any concerts at all thanks to idiotically overprotective parents.


I’ve only ever been to Linkin Park concerts, and the most recent one was this first time I met them


Haven’t met anyone else besides the band either. (and by band I mean 5 of them, I haven’t met Brad yet).


I met 4 members of hollywood undead in june and now i have a vip ticket for their european tour so i’m finally meeting them all. i also saw linkin park in august and i signed up to the m&g lottery here but i didn’t think i’d win so i didn’t bother to read my email, and a week after the concert i did and i saw that i won haha. i was really bummed about it


Who were they (the members, I know who HU are)?


da kurlzz, danny, j-dog and funny man


I did briefly talk to a couple members of Judas Priest once: Rob Halford (at a hotel where I was staying to see them, and where they were also staying by coincidence) and K.K. Downing (in the elevator - he actually gave me a little guitar practicing tip). It was pretty neat. Haven’t met any other famous bands or celebrites.

While my one experience was kind of cool, I can’t help but feel apathetic about meeting big established bands like JP or LP. I mean I love the guys in Linkin Park for the music they’ve made, and from the interviews and other videos I’ve seen, they seem like really nice, interesting people… but the truth is that they’ve talked to throngs of fans throughout their career and a meeting between them and a fan such as myself would really be no more than a fairly shallow, brief encounter between strangers, I think. I mean, aside from being successful musicians, they’re ordinary people with their own lives, and I can’t help but feel like trying to meet them would be… intrusive on my part and ultimately kind of unfulfilling.

But hey, I’m a bit of a sociopath. Those are just my feelings as such.


Jeez mate, are you like my long lost sibling or something? :laughing:


Heh. It’s cool when people find lots of common ground, huh?


I think that’s awesome. Personally, I wanted to meet LP badly since I first started listening to them but only reason I wanted to do so was to make sure they are the people they seem to be, kind and down to earth and not idiots. I don’t know if that makes sense or if it sounds weird but I was so relieved when I did meet them and they turned out to be just how I imagined, character wise.