Chaos and Serenity - The Unity of Us


Are we ready for the next song?

This time a theme, I want to toy with the idea of the battle between light and dark that many people face!

I am open to other ideas and themes, let me know what you think?



I can go with light v dark. Just don’t make me the first person again :stuck_out_tongue:


Y U NO TRY HAPPY SONG? Something all fun! The world needs a fun song.


@amitrish should join the song-poets, even as @Jabin_Qaken should, and I look fwd
Ace !



To be honest I don’t have a lot of happy songs lol

But ok so we have a Happy Song theme and The Battle Between Light and Dark theme so far


battle btw…please

why not make a poll, regular Dude? :stuck_out_tongue:


although not a bad idea, but this song is all of ours and want other peoples ideas on what kinda song you all want to do :slight_smile:


I like to write something about light v dark, but let’s do something more ‘‘happier’’ after this one


Rick… we agree as soo often, ya fine Dude?


yeah thank you I’m doing ok. What about you? Information, Guides, & Discussion

So after this a more upbeat song is in line

I’m sure we can come up with something for the next one

but if we are all happy we can begin!!!


Yeah, I love the idea of light vs dark!


Looking at the topic remembered Star Wars Gangsta Rap


nice to have you here, Jab :relaxed:


@jabinquaken will you be join us on this?


Not sure if I’m good at it.


don’t worry about that, this is just for fun, no pressure at all, just go with the flow, but if you not feeling it go check out the last one we did

Life Through Choices


Can’t Quote on mobile but @Jabinquaken me Sure much worse than you!! Would be soooo nice To have ya Output in :joy::sunglasses:


Don’t worry about that! I’m not good at all, but it’s all in fun! We would all love to have you join us!


So, who’s to begin?