Charlotte Show August 12th 2014


Who all is going to the Charlotte show? be nice if i could meet some fellow LPUers there.




See you there man its gonna be great!!! I wanna hear What Ive Done live! I love that song!


Hell yeah, what section you going to be in?


Section 6 didnt cost me that much so ill be in that section


I’ll be there with my friend Corey . We’ll be driving down after the Tampa show


wow youre going to 2 shows cool! see you guys there!


I’m going. It’s my first show ever! I’ve waited what seems like forever to go. Doing the meet and greet, yay! But I’m concerned that being in the M&G I won’t get a good spot in the pit. Any of y’all done this before?


Crystal, what time is the M&G? I know in times past that Linkin Park has held their M&Gs immediately before they go on stage. For this tour, I would hope that would not be the case, given the incredible lineup (LP with AFI and 30STM!!!). I do not want to miss any of the acts. I would hope they have the M&G before doors open to the general public, so we get a good spot to see the show. Can anyone answer that question for us? Please and thank you.


From previous meet and greets I’ve been to, they occurred during other acts and you have to wrestle your way into the crowd to find a spot after you are done.


Going with my daughter, won the meet and greet lotto, excited as hell…hope I don’t miss any of 30STM, but its a trade off.


Congrats Dude!!! Enjoy the show, going to be a blast!!!


[quote=Scotty Koz]Going with my daughter, won the meet and greet lotto, excited as hell…hope I don’t miss any of 30STM, but its a trade off.

Unfortunately the LPU meet n greet is during Mars’ set, you might get to see the first song or two though.


I just want to let it be known that I am extremely upset over the way this was handled. I traveled almost 4 hours to see the concert so of course I did not see this email until the next day. Just getting to see the band in concert was worthy of bucket list item and to have been able to meet them in person would have been chance of a lifetime. But no this email was sent out at 2:07 pm on the day of the concert so I never had a chance to see it. Why was this not posted at least a week in advance so arrangements could have been made.
YES I was at the concert but knew nothing of getting picked for meet and greet. This is a crappy way to treat your fans especially an underground member. And yes I have made it known on Facebook and LPU on this crappy treatment of loyal fans and hope it will save another fan from being crushed to find out they missed it because they were not notified in an appropriate time frame. And of course they are nowhere near for me to try again.
Thanks again for whoever screwed this up and did not post the email in a decent timely manner.
Tracy Hord
Diehard Linkin Park fan who was robbed