Chat Room (TLPTV2)


A chat room for soldiers to come talk about anything, from superheros to onions to unicorns. Just come, chill, and have a good ole conversation.

Side Note: Congrats to @framos1792 for winning the first one.


Yeah well done @framos1792


Ok… Now I have to spam all the night to win this :confused:


So… excuse me… I have something to do


Hi Batman!


Congrats again. Onion! you are a good winner. no the one we deserve :frowning: but whatever.


Ok well I’m off to sleep for half an hour…have fun starting this one off guys!! :grin:


damn i cant edit the main post
@jrtrussell will you please edit it
we were told not to name it Last post thread
just say its like a chat room or make something up haha
then at the end add a footnote saying its the LAST POST game continuation, whoever gets last post wins


Hi random posters!


I guess Batman had it in him after all, nicely done. :sunglasses:


Be careful! :slight_smile:


It’s edited! :stuck_out_tongue:


Batman is a bad winner, I proclaim you as the new one. Congrats :slight_smile:


That’s a better name!


i edited the title
i was asking him to edit the initial post :upside_down_face:


I agree! :smile:


Pilas! :stuck_out_tongue: Jajaja jk


It should of been me!! :rage: and I stayed up…that’s dedication hahah


I wonder if the system can ban someone for not follow the rules XD


Ok! You are the new winner now :slight_smile: Congrats :tada: :tada: