Chat Room (TLPTV2)


Ahhh so scurred? :thinking:


Aye. Did you play football my man?


I can do backyard football and flag football. But organized tackle football just isn’t my thing.


So how was your day? :joy::crazy_face:


Lol. I see you changing up the subject real quick :wink: pretty good.

The Tech game was pretty lit. I just got back from studio where I was working on a project. I was gonna do a little more hw then hit the hay. Tomorrow me and some guys were gonna get a pickup game going so I’m pretty hype for that. What about you?


What’s everyone up to today? It’s raining here and I’m off to the cinema at 1…can’t remember the last time I went!!


Its been raining here as well, and still in the 40s, so I’d say the outside work is mostly done for this year lol.


What movie did you see?


Hellooooo family! :smile: :sun_with_face: How’re you doing today? :smiley:


I’m doing pretty good. Just busy. How about you?


Heeey! Congrats on the match! (If I understood well in my fast reading lol)
Doing well, busy me too… my sister will go home tomorrow morning so I’ll be less busy then… :sunglasses:


aye, Thank you! It was pretty fun to follow. :grin:

How was your visit with your sister?


It was pretty nice! :blush: I love my sister, but we can’t see each other often, so I’m enjoying our time together… :smile: :blush: Thanks for asking! :hugs: :hugs:


So glad the cold weather is finally upon us :tada:


Glad you had fun with her, enjoy your night :yellow_heart:


:flushed: :sob: I want summer… :cry:

Thank you!! :blush: :hugs: :hugs:


i saw Crazy Rich Asians


You can have it, just keep it away from me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No prob! I’ll go Batfram side since there should be sunny… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :relieved:


But you have to visit here too :disappointed_relieved::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: