Chat Room (TLPTV2)




See, this is exactly why I’m not a care bear like the other guys :roll_eyes:


You get picked on regardless, so it doesn’t even matter :rofl:


Lol that’s very true :confused: it’s hard being Batman…whatever I do, I get smacked around :crazy_face:


Hey guys @.@

You guys should join this game. It’s awesome ;-; Because this game has bunnies D;


It’s fun and you can raid each other’s boards and do other things like destroy things.

Ain’t they beautiful? And they do silly things ;-;
@framos1792 @StephLP18 @IronSoldier16 @lpfan61 @LP13413


Cutie bunnies!!! :heart_eyes: :rabbit: :rabbit2: :rabbit: :grin:


What game is it?


Yeet yeet my bois. What’s hanging?


Hellooo! How’re you doing? Me fine :grin:


You convinced me with the part of destroy things :wink: what’s the name of the game?


I’ve been pretty crazy busy recently. But I have a friend visiting this weekend which I’m excited about. Only two more days left to push through!


Stay strong and enjoy the visit! :grin: :sun_with_face:


Thanks :grin: will do! I’ve been looking forward to this for months. And then I’ve just got 2 weeks left until thanksgiving breaks and one 1 week after that until the end of the semester.


It’s called board kings and it’s adorable


Cool I’ll check it out


@framos1792 dang. Kittle went off last night and I left him in my bench again :tired_face:


Did you see that one handed grab?!
Already a baby baby gronk :stuck_out_tongue:
How do you bench him when he’s going against the raiders though?!


My team is too stacked at receiver. I expected him to play well but not THAT well. I’ve learned my lesson.



The one I got is beautiful but I’m scared to take it out the house. It’s a pixelbook and it’s amazing but gosh dang it. Even when I don’t use it, the battery life was a lie. At times it does freezes, well chrome. Because chrome is poopie. This thing already costed me more than I intended (intheend—-hehehe) I got double charged for it, I got my money back but there was a glitch on my account and I am still missing $495 dollars and the bank thinks I am crazy.

And also, can’t play games on it. Yeah not really.

So I need to sell it and get something else ;-;


How is everyone?