Chat Room (TLPTV2)


Hi :smile: me? Fine.



Shattered from last night at my cousins wedding! Had an amazing time though!


Nice you had fun!! :hugs: :hugs:


3 days since the last reply?! Wow this place is like a graveyard :joy:

C’mon lazy onions! Come to play.

@framos1792 @jrtrussell @chigokurosaki @intheend @melisLP @alz89 @lpfan61 and everyone else!


Tell that to WA :joy:


Me never get notifications anymore. You butt faces are slacking


i have been busy with school


@framos1792 and @IronSoldier16 are to blame, they were busy trying to kidnap Mike and take over the world, meanwhile they left this thread for dead.


@intheend bunny! Here’s your notification! :blush: :rabbit: :hugs:


Yea. I’ve been pretty busy with school as well. Thanksgiving break is coming up soon though so I’ll be in here more.


I’m here lol


Welcome back to all! Lol :laughing:


Good fluffy. You will not go missing :3


Oh my gosh :scream:
Those bad poopies!!! Thank you ChiGoku
I will handle them.

Also never knew you had ‘goku’ in your name


:blush: :grin: :rabbit: :hugs:


How is everyone??


I’ve just been busy with work and stuff. I’m doing ok. How about you guys?


:man_facepalming: I can’t stand DBZ, the name is from Bleach lol.


she will now continue on to murder you :crazy_face:
right bestest buddy @intheend? :grin:


Whatever, Ichigo will beat Goku any day