Chat Room (TLPTV2)


Anyone got anything planned for the weekend!


Framos is still the Baka\pendejo of the group anyway :sunglasses:


Not really much here, you?


Just babysitting and resting after the last 2 weekends that both had weddings! Might do a bit of shopping…


Hope you have a good one, and enjoyed the weddings, I’m sure they’re a lot of work :sweat_smile:


Thanks…back to not sleeping again…on here but its quiet!


I’ve currently started watching anime again, so I’ll have another thing to keep me occupied.


Guess you were right @jrtrussell, this thread won’t be dying till next year.


Where does everybody goooooo??
Lift me uuuuup let me goooooo :notes: :musical_note: :notes: :grin:


We go to WA to talk about only random things just as we do here.


Lol :laughing:


Well I’ve been busy either prepping for concerts or yeah talking on WA but it’s about time I get back here :smiling_imp:


Yeah :slight_smile:


How are you?! It’s great to see you :smile:


Hey :smile:
I’m fine. How are you?


I’m doing good, wondered where you disappeared to :astonished: well…to be fair we all disappeared :joy:



Had a lot to do. I would like to find a new apartment .

I’ve missed you all


Ah, I wish you good luck in finding a good fair one! :smile:
Are you moving towns or only home?
And I, as well as everyone here, missed you too! :hugs:


Thanks! :slight_smile:
mooving cities.


Did someone have been go to Nightwish Concert befor?