Chat Room (TLPTV2)


Heeey :smiley: I’m good over here, busy day at work but you’ve got me grinning with the baticorn :joy::joy:
I hope your concert is a lot of fun no matter who plays! The fun is in getting out and enjoying live music :slightly_smiling_face:


Hellooo! :grin: nice Baticorn! :joy: :heart_eyes:
Enjoy the concert!!


Looks like you’ve got another person to pick on you @framos1792 :joy: enjoy the concert @butintheend


Love it! Have fun at the show!


Have fun :slight_smile:


Oh there is a chat room? I didn’t know. We don’t use the Last letter game anymore? :smile:


We do, but our favorite spammers have disappeared :confused:


Who was that?


The onions:

@chigokurosaki @jrtrussell and @framos1792.

My sister @lpfan61 too.

And maybe @intheend (even though she goes to throw me into a volcano :grimacing:)


Me innocent! :angel: :relieved:


Where did they go??



They are in WhatsApp :confused:


So many chat apps on my phone I cannot handle another one :joy: One of the reasons I didn’t come to discord :woman_shrugging:


So are you lol


Pop Up in random times asking the same thing is not exactly spamming in WA like you or the onion do :wink: jk.


Hey how is everyone sorry I haven’t been around much xx


Me fine, playing and reading some things for the work.


Good to hear, you have much planned for the weekend?


:heart: Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it :heart:
Have a nice day with Your family!


You do more than that and you know it :stuck_out_tongue: stop acting all innocent for @framos1792 all the time bro, its really creepy. :face_with_raised_eyebrow::joy: