Chat Room (TLPTV2)


Hey, how’s everyone? :slight_smile:


Me? No, maybe clean the house, not sure yet. You?


Same wishes for you :smile: how is everything over there?


Yeah, bother you, my sis and everyone else there jajajaja and I swear that I am neutral jajajaja but @agusdbianco is always there to control or kill us XD

I’m neutral, I don’t know what you mean with the last part :rofl:


The forum doesn’t want more spam from us :sob: :rofl:


@rickvanmeijel set me free on the other thread. So I shall do the same for you @IronSoldier16 :joy::joy:


LMAO, its like you said already, you’re on your own side :roll_eyes: instead of coming to the dark side with me and @lpfan61, or choosing the rather boring side with @framos1792 & @lpaniist :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: you’d rather cause chaos amongst us all :joy: maybe we should all team up for once and come after you bro :smirk: I think “Batman” has been waiting for it for a while anyway :stuck_out_tongue: you better ask @agusdbianco to save you now :joy: she’s the only one who can I’d say.




Going wedding dress shopping with my brothers fiancé and then babysitting tomorrow night. Probably relaxing on Sunday though!


How’s going with tongue and food?? :hugs:

EDIT: nevermind… read your post on the “what are you doing” thread… :sweat_smile:


What thread?


This one


Still on soft food…and managing to eat on one side of my tongue…but it’s a lot better and only had one glass of wine lol!


@alz89 i’m glad to read it.
And Happy cakeday


This place is dead, what’s everyone up to?


What happened @alz89?

Agreed, I miss everyone chatting like before :’(


We’re all in WA torturing @framos1792 :joy:


Poor boy… :pleading_face:


He’s so abused :joy:


C’moooon! He’s just a lil bat… :bat:


He’s a little something alright :rofl: