Chat Room (TLPTV2)






Baby dragon is cute and helpful, no like that onion :unamused: ugly and ridiculous onion :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s you right?


Lol it help take away you’re boredom just like me :upside_down_face: what’s the difference lol

Ahh chigo, trouble in paradise between you two? :joy:


He’s also “neutral” if you recall


So is granny, but we all know she has her side :joy:
That red pouty face side :joy:


What are you talking about??



How is everyone?? ive been slacking on here!


Helloooo! :hugs: :hugs:


All good here, and you?


I’m really good I just got another ticket so see Mike but in Prague this time!! and you? Hey, @lpfan61 hope you’re well too!


Yaaaaay!! Great!!
I’m fine, thanks! :hugs: :hugs:


Lucky! Let me fit in your suitcase please!
Nice to see you again!!! :hugs: how’re you keeping up?!


Have a nice time at the show again, maybe kidnap him so @framos1792 can’t see him again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would but how am i going to fit Mike in it on the way back home??? Yeah im a lot better at the moment thanks and you?? Haha @chigokurosaki i need to take it to the other thread :smiley:


:joy::joy: you won’t even see him! I see him Saturday so he won’t make it to your shows :smiling_imp::speak_no_evil:
Waiiiiit…then why am I trying to get inside your luggage? :thinking::scream: lol


The video I took of Mike Shinoda’s speech during the show I attended.


Lucky!! I want more Massachusetts shows. :frowning:


Onion brain :roll_eyes: of course I’m not him :unamused: but let’s be honest :upside_down_face: you wan to be like him, right?

You shut up holy potato :angry: but yeah @chigokurosaki and I are discussing who should hit your onion head first with the bat :stuck_out_tongue:

Problem? :facepunch: :cricket_bat_and_ball:

I’m fine, just discussing with those two onion kids :confused:


Lol. You guys see Mike’s instagram story?