Chat Room (TLPTV2)


Wow sounds crazy!! :stuck_out_tongue: :crazy_face:


This is so awesome @framos1792 ! So glad you had a good time!


How is everyone ???


Ayooo! Is everybody here subscribed to our lord and savior Pewdiepie on YouTube? He needs everyone’s help in his war against T-Series.


I know about him, but Idk why I am not interested in his work, sorry.


You don’t need to watch his videos. He just needs the subs.


Forget what I said, I already subscribed his channel :joy:


Aye! That’s what I wanna hear! :joy:


Anyone else get the read mode only thing earlier??


No. But the appearance in the phone/tablet changed. I liked it, the only thing I still hating is the bar of notifications hides and now I have to scroll up to see it again.


I’m so bad at things that change unless people point it out for me…i only notice on my
Laptop lol!


I wish they would quit changing the mobile version honestly. It gets worse each time they mess with it.


Agreed :roll_eyes:


Technology! Haha


Welcome to the 21 century I guess lol.


Hope everyone had a great Christmas!


Same for you @alz89 ! :blush:

It’s been a while i didn’t post here. :scream:


I know it’s quiet around here these days, but hope you’re well!


So maybe this thread dies next year? Lol


We have to kill tllg vol 4-5 first.