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Hope you can get some sleep, and have a good time at the concert tomorrow. :hugs::blue_heart::revolving_hearts:


Enjoy the concert tomorrow and have a good good night! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Have a blast!! Enjoy the day! :blush::tada::confetti_ball:


Thanks @chigokurosaki @lpfan61 and @Honey8 Only got 10 hours left to go!!


Be careful, last time I had to work for 72 with no sleep, the last 10 hours I even didn’t need the coffee anymore. And when work was finally done and went to bed it took me hours to fall asleep. My head was a mess.


Yeah, sleeping is important part of our health!
Could I ask what kind of work do you do? I’m curious… :grin:


Scientist (Plant breeding and genetic resources). I was about to go to two different conferences, one after another and three different publications to present. And only three days to prepare. I remember finishing my last PowerPoint presentation at the airport on the phone. When I got home I had to drink 200ml vodka to get some sleep and relax. Too much coffee during these 72h.
So, my advice is - health is you biggest asset, try to rest every chance you get.
Wish you best of luck in school and work, my friend.


:open_mouth: That’s so cool!!


Just back from my gig all hyped up and now I can’t sleep…who’s up??


I’m here


Hey @chigokurosaki how’s it going??


All good over here, and glad you had a good time at the concert.


Thanks I needed something to take my mind off things and work etc…now I’ve got to wait til March to see Mike!!


Glad it was a good show!


Yeah it was amazing!


Any pics? :star_struck: actually I haven’t heard who you saw :grimacing:


She posted it in the what are you doing right now thread.


Ah no, I meant I haven’t heard any music or songs :upside_down_face: then again any live music is enjoyed so differeny that sometimes the music itself doesn’t even matter because the vibes take over :grin:


yeh ill post in a bit as i took quite a few…i put some up on twitter …but ill post probs tomorrow :smiley:


To cheer you guys with a little sugar…
Yesterday i made red velvet.

It was really good :joy::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: