Chat Room (TLPTV2)


Right here, how are you doing?


Me here! :raising_hand_woman: :blush:


I’m back I ended up watching a movie…up in under 4 hours…,hoping the snow has cleared…,I’m too lazy to get out of my warm bed and look out the window to check! Haha


so i was just on the computer on here and realized the title on this thread makes me think of lptv :sweat_smile:
just a random excuse to post here…
also…something that just needs to be said after so long… remember batman took the last post? batman is still here to take it once again in 5657 posts :smiling_imp:


what happened to LPTV? Where are the episodes?:thinking:

Also, yesterday i went to see i portuguese tribute band to LP.
Check here:

They are really good!!!


Last time I was too fast in posting and ended up with the second to last reply, but not this time around. :sunglasses:


Aye. I’m still here. My thread, my last post. :triumph:


where and how is everyone?


Good morning! Went to sleep… :laughing:


Aye, almost 4 am here and Im still going strong. We are having our second year competition for architecture here right now so the grind is real. Boutta finally go home and eat some dinner. It is due Tuesday, so ill have to get up early tomorrow to continue the grind.


Good luck bro, only the best to you.


Thanks my man. Less than 24 hours left, but I’m looking good right now to finish in time.


Good luck!


Good luck @jrtrussell !! :muscle: :sun_with_face: :hugs: :hugs:


How is everyone? It’s just started to snow again here and it’s sooo cold!!


Gucci gang


Finally warming up here! Thank god.

It was -32° F and felt like -60° F with the windchill on Wednesday. :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face:


Another one who hate the snowy cold season??!!! :grin: :sun_with_face: :tada:




:grin: :blush: :sun_with_face: