Chat Room (TLPTV2)


What makes you so happy today


She’s happy everyday. Its one thing that’s so great about her.


I’m happy to be in the family… everyday! :tada: :blush: :heart: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:
Like @chigokurosaki said… :blush: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :heart: :sun_with_face:


@jrtrussell no way! That Chung injury actually changes it up a bit
You’ll see the game open up

Edit: bleeping Jules!


We talking in here now? Ok. Goff is just too inexperienced and something is obviously up with Gurley. Their defense is nice but they cant do anything on offense.


I still think it’ll come down to one play and Gurley’s past due on popping one off

Gurley is going to end up pissing Harley off :stuck_out_tongue:

Also yeah since last time people got a bit annoyed I figured we’d move here :roll_eyes:


CJ Anderson is getting all the carries. Gurley just isn’t getting any opportunities.


Seriously, gibberish. :joy: jk, just had to make an appearance.


They haven’t been using him to save him
That 16yard push earlier showed he’s still around for it

In all fairness then it’s either Jules or gurley who’ll have the play

@chigokurosaki just watch :stuck_out_tongue: join the dark side lol


Are you watching for just the commercials or not at all?


The commercials suck!


lol Jules has been an absolute monster so far!


Eh. I haven’t been watching the second half. But they seemed decent when I was watching. On another note have you noticed Manchester United’s lossless streak since Mourinho was fired? Ive been saying he should be fired ever since he was hired!


I agree
And the halftime show sucked too

I hope the Rams pull it together and win


@framos1792 the rams are finally on the board


Calling it! Open game right here on out!


Michel > Gurley


:-1: no way
Michel is product of the system

Give bellicheck gurley and watch lol

Edit: Sighhh :expressionless:


It’s already over chief


Been over
I swear…