Chatting with chester


I just wanted to thank Chester for an amazing chat today - so much fun! Thank you for answering a few of my questions – I was referring to the chat blowing up; not me – haha! And the awesome serenade which we all appreciated very much :slight_smile: still would like to see you on Twitter now and then tho… :stuck_out_tongue:

Tinychat didn’t allow me to have sound but I later listened/watched a fellow LPU’ers recording of it on YouTube (thank you whom ever posted!)

But I think he did a great job considering/answering our questions and really made it fun!


The chat was too fast! But Chester gave his best.

Awesome chat today!


My girlfriend was on the chat, but I wasn’t able to…heard he performed “The Messenger” and screamed part of “Victimized.” Any other highlights?


I still can’t believe I missed this chat… [cry]


I was in class. :frowning:

I’ll have to find that recording.


Did anyone video it?

#7 Thanks to the person who recorded it.


The chat was awesome. Chester is really a nice guy! And he gave us a “private couch concert” lol. How cool ist that! [biggrin]

But: There where a lot of childish spammers. They just suck. Asking redundant country questions or - even more worse - writing stuff like “lick my asshole” “You’re skinny” and stuff like that. Chester indeed gave his best. But with such mess on the chat he must imagine that LPU is full of idiots. We all know that he’s a funny guy, but I felt ashamed. [sad]

With more than 600 LPUer it’s already hard to manage the chat. Plus those waste questions and remarks it was too much. I think it would be the best, if LPUHQ find a way to regulate chats in any way.


@Shoe: Holy Shinoda, are you saying that people were saying such things? Well, ehh… That’s awfully rude! 0.o I wasn’t there, because it wasn’t convenient and I’m way too shy to just go out and chat with any of the guys, but I am sharing your replacement shame here. No wonder that Chester isn’t too keen on social media. :frowning: I do agree with the members who say there should be rules to prevent likewise situations. They should ban those gurmies, period. Or at least get them into a grinder, methaphorically speaking. :wink:


Same here T___T
Did he say anything about Europe in 2013 ? O.O


I can’t believe I missed it because I was doing in college proves …!!


OMG that was you saying that? LOL. I wasn’t able to watch the chat live since I had to stay late at work :confused:
I was able to watch it on YouTube also. Thank you to whoever recorded it!


Greeeeeat in germany was that at 3:00 Am i must go zoo scool and my LPU dont go :’(


I definitely have to agree with the spamming comments above too…
That was the first video chat I’ve been in and I could not believe it - it really was completely blowing up (I had that chat sound on and all of a sudden it was like ‘woah!’ Threw out my earphones, haha!

But I made sure I read the rules below, no caps, no swearing, no questions on personal lives - but again being the first time I had no idea what to expect: I think I typed a total of 15 comments in the hour - what I thought were legit questions, a few thank yous for previous shows, some laughs and such - I was trying to read what people were asking but it was on complete rampage - it wasn’t until I saw the YouTube vid that I really noticed how many times people were saying the same ‘questionable’ things over and over and over O_o in complete caps and bold and !!! out the wahzoo…

Honestly I was somewhat embarrassed too - like you guys above - my brain was like “do I really want Chester to see my name spamming the crap out of him and think that user:Kristyne was annoying as hell?” I dunno, he very well may not notice that kind of stuff but that’s how I’d treat him/anyone in real life so why be different on there?? :\ but it was still super fun. Really enjoyed it. :slight_smile:


Sounds like a really nice chat (without the silly spams like shoe said) I’m happy for the guys who were in this chat :smiley: I couln’t join because there was always: Connection failed!. :confused:


Omg missed another chat - And this one sounds awesome. Also Sounds like it would have been in the middle of the night so maybe I shouldn’t be too sad about it


I had my exam that day and was sooo tired, so I missed it! (It was 12:30 am here.) But I watched it at YouTube afterwards! ;D

Really cool that he mentioned that Norway had one of the craziest crowds! I was there, and it was actually a really wild night. So many drunk people that was pushing everybody in the front, that somebody fainted and couldn’t breath. I was going to stand in the middle of the crowd after the Meet&Greet, but I couldn’t stand it! So I was standing by the side, a little far away from the stage, so I could see a little bit without being irritated by the crowd. It was a crazy, but great concert! :smiley:


that sucks but i missed it because i had to play in a orchestra concert :frowning: But now imma search it up on youtube :slight_smile:


OMG I MISSED IT? why the heck doesnt the official LP website annouce the chats anymore
thats why i already missed out on 2
sad face


3 hours of sleep must be enough once in a while [wink]