Chester Bennington: A Tribute


Hey guys!

This is my first post in the LPU forums! :slight_smile: I’ve been a lurker since I joined back in 2014, but I never participated in discussions or posted my own posts. I typically post and comment more in the subreddit for Linkin Park. But here it is, my first post on the LPU forums!

Anyways, I created a video tribute for Chester. I wanted to display Chester’s vibrant personality, and also share his fierce presence on stage, in one video. I would love to see what the LPU community thinks of it! Here’s the link:

PS: I already expect most of you to know, considering this is the LPU community, but the song I used is a demo from Underground XIII called “Holding Company”. This could be a discussion of it’s own, but it’s one of my favourite demos to come out of LPU. It has a great post-rock and uplifting vibe to it. I thought it was perfect for the tribute.


Cool i will watch it . Chester bennington missing you and love u forever.


I like Chester’s easygoing personality so much… nobody could know what thought you have and when a depression issue will become incurable… :disappointed_relieved:
Thanks for sharing and welcome to the lpu forum! Nice to have you here!


That so true no body know how it is going through depression it hard for me at times


Thank you for the warm welcome! I agree, Chester’s outgoing personality inspires me to be more positive and joyful towards others in life.


I have just seen the tribute to chester and it was so beautiful and so touching


Thank you so much :slight_smile: means a lot


Your welcome because it means a lot to me that u did something that nice for the lpu family